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December 8, 2012

Comparing the Tablet Devices by Bob Spear

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There is always an interest in acquiring new technology at Christmas time. This year brings a lot of interest in e-readers/tablets, so I thought a comparison of what’s available would be helpful. The following is based on a combination of information from Publishers Weekly and The Motley Fool. Info is not available for all aspects:

Tablet                             Price       Mkt Segment          Camera        Battery Life

Apple iPad—             $499-$829     Full                                 front/back        10 hrs

Apple iPad Mini—  $329-$659       Small                             front/back        10 hrs

B&N Nook—           $129-$299         Full                                none                  10 hrs

Galaxy Tab—          $250-$400                                               front/back        7-10 hrs

Google Nexis 7—   $199-$299         Small                             front

Google Nexis 10—  $399-$499      Full                                 front/back

Amazon Kindle Fire HD—  $199-$264  Small                   front                    11 hrs

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9″—  $299-$614  Full             front                     11 hrs

Kobo ARC—              $200                                                      front                     10 hrs

Microsoft Surface RT—   $499     Full                                 front/back          6-7.5 hrs

Novo 7  Flame Android Tablet—  $189                              2 on front

These comparisons come just in time for Christmas. Enjoy!


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