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November 28, 2012

Writing Question by Bob Spear

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A member of my writing group sent me an excellent question:

“I’m working on a story and wondered what the difference really is between a preface and a prologue. Also, how does a forward compare with those two? Can you use more than one of these in a story? Actually I’m combining parts of what three people have written – a true story, so am not sure I know how to handle this whole thing at all.”

Here is my answer:

In my opinion, a prologue brings you into the book. It’s an introduction to the story wherein lies the hook to keep the reader’s interest.

A preface is an introductory statement, also an introduction, but centered on why the author is writing this book or what the reader needs to know before getting started reading.

A foreword is introductory remarks about a book generally written by someone other than the author.

If you think about it, none of this has much to do with how convoluted a story might become, unless it’s the preface. I hope that helps some.

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