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March 28, 2012

Censorship In Bookstores and On the Radio by Bob Spear

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As a bookstore owner, I am very unusual. Most bookstore owners are ex-teachers or ex-librarians. On the whole, they are very liberal. I, however, am a devote practicing Christian and a retired military intelligence professional. Unlike my peers, I am a conservative. Because of this, there are certain books I’d rather not carry. If they are pornographic, non-traditional sexual practices, or explicit sexual scenes, I choose not to carry those books. I’m probably the only member of the American Booksellers Association who fights against the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression (ABFFE). I refuse to support that which is evil in my perspective; therefore, I certainly censor our books. I read many young adult books so I can recommend their age appropriateness to parents who shop for their children. This is my small way in making a difference in the fight to maintain a righteous society.

Given my mindset, it should be no surprise that I listen to talk-radio a lot. Suddenly, as we head toward the most important Presidential campaign ever, I have become sensitive to radio stations which have begun caving into the extreme left by altering their programing.away from the righteous. Kansas City’s KCMO AM talk radio station has recently eliminated Michael Savage, who is a ranter; however, he’s also the most erudite of the talk show hosts. They cut Rusty Humphries this week, a good family man and father who has some of the top history guests on his show for cogent interviews. They also cut 5 hours of a paranormal nightly show in favor of a pair of hosts whose show target’s over the road truckers. They are rapidly running from controversy and anti-Administration politics at just the time we need them the most.

Now I understand there will be many of my readers who will hold different views from mind. That’s OK. It’s what this country is all about–free speech. But, one shouldn’t expect to be able to force one’s beliefs on others by insisting they be support causes that aren’t their own, which is what the libs attempt to do. Nor should radio stations be bought up to insure their programming is politically correct.. As I mentioned, this coming presidential election is one of the most important ones ever.I hope all of you plan to be involved in the process.


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  1. I guess it gets to the notion of if one controls the message, one controls the mind.

    Comment by — March 28, 2012 @ 11:48 pm | Reply

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