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November 29, 2010

Staying Committed to Writing by Bob Spear

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This can be a problem for all writers–neophytes or old pros and all in between. It includes writers block, but it also touches on staying motivated. How can you stay on project until it’s done? Consider bloggers and columnists who must pump out content against deadlines, sometimes for years. Think of a Dave Barry or Erma Bombeck who had to produce columns that were interesting and funny. How did they do that? I know, because they were paid to. Even then, it can get old. The following are some ideas to help you keep your writing nib to the grind stone.

Make writing a routine in your life and fence in that time slot. Whether you are writing daily or weekly, try to always write something during that period. Make it a habit–part of your life. Try not to allow interruptions.

Be on the lookout for interesting things happening around you or in the news. Keep a notebook or journal of interesting ideas. Try to never run out of possible content.

Tired of writing? Try ditch digging for a change. You don’t know what you got until you lose it.

If you aren’t writing to a deadline, create one for yourself. Become obsessive about it.

Vary the types of things you write. Don’t allow yourself to become burnt out.

Stop! Smell the roses! Think of what all you’ve done, and then think of what else you need to do.

If you take a break, make sure it doesn’t become an extended one.

If you come to realize you just don’t like to write anymore, quit, but always allow yourself to do it again later if the urge comes on.

Writing is but one means to express yourself. Consider the other arts and consider whether they can be blended into your writing. i.e., become a song writer or an art critic.

Finally, constantly challenge yourself with writing goals and celebrate every time one is attained.

I hope these suggestions provide some ideas of use to you. Remember there’s only one way to learn how to write–just do it, the more the better.


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